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What We Do


Show us what you need, and we will make it for you. Everything from furniture, as well as houses and apartments can be requested. All 3D models will be created with high quality and clean topology.


Want to see your future house? Or maybe vizualize the room with a set furniture? All can be done by just sending us your ideas, and we will create the vizualization, whether it's interior or exterior.


All of your requests can be done with a video Walkthrough. Doesn't matter if it's for your personal projects or for your client, just tell us what shots to make, and we'll shoot the video with the highest quality.

Virtual Reality

Wish to see your model in full size within your VR headset? No problem, our site is built for vizualization. No additional software is needed, just upload your project to our site and you'll see it through a VR device, or even through your monitor.

The Virtustellar

Virtustellar - a promising IT company that's founded in 2016 in a city Tallinn, Estonia.

It specializes in

  • 3D architectural vizualization
  • Envisioning of different objects
  • Creating illustrations
  • Presenting projects in the form of videos, as well as through Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Reality projects development

Our goal is to create visualizations as close to real life as possible. All that will be done with extremely high accuracy of measurements on your monitors, and, of course, will be available to see in VR.

Basically, any 3D model can be accessed for viewing by any device through our new state-of-the-art website, that is packed with necessary technology.

We strive for maximum quality in our work and we make it our mission to always improve our craft.

Kitchen interior walkthrough

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