virtustellar htc vive 2Virtustellar has been created by a small team from Europe, Estonia.

Our team’s purpose is to be the leading company in the VR industry, and that is reinforced by our determination to work and better ourselves every single day, coupled with our huge interest in virtual reality and where it’s headed.

VR is like a sandbox where each day you can discover something new and exciting to create. This fresh technology has a lot of potential to help and entertain people all around the world, but it needs more people to create innovative content.

Since we want VR to succeed, we have decided to hop on the wave and help it to steer its way to mainstream status.

Our current projects range from simple cartoon styled games to serious design and architect based applications like Architect VR.

We are always open to collaboration for mutual growth, so if you are looking for a partnership, feel free to contact us!