Build your own dream house in virtual reality – that is what we offer with Architect VR.

Our main goal is to simplify, design, and visualize whatever vision of a house or apartment you have in mind.


Who is it For?

  • House or Apartment Designers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Builders
  • House or Apartment Sellers
  • Visualizers
  • For curious people who want to build something


What Problems We Solve

The problem with the current way of seeing or showing unfinished houses or apartments is that it’s all on a flat screen. Be it a picture or even a video, you can’t really get that same feeling as if you are physically in that house.architect vr build1You, or a client, may like how it looks in the picture, but when everything is said and done, results might be disappointing –  be it either a wrong furniture, color, scale, or even overall feel, it might turn out to be different from what you imagined. All that hard work in preparation and execution basically wasted.

But with Architect VR software, everything changes.


What We Offer

Thanks to evergrowing VR technology and our software, it is possible to build and visualize whatever you have in mind.

The benefit of virtual reality is that it shows everything in the correct scale. If, for example, a fridge is 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches) high, you will feel that exact height in VR also. All the measurement of the walls, floors, and ceilings will be shown to you in a simple manner. Don’t like something? Architect VR lets you change it. Basically, everything is customizable through our program.

We also offer an option for you to contact us and ask us to build a house, apartment or even a specific furniture for you. If you have exact measurements, send it our way and we’ll finish it in no time. Maybe you have a picture of a room that you’d like to see in VR? That can also be arranged.

architect vr build

You can run it in VR with minimum PC requirements

If you are an architect or a company that builds houses, you can contact us for a partnership if you have a desire for it. Same goes for real estate agents and sellers.


What Plans Do We Have?

An enormous customization – that is our main goal with Architect VR. That includes bigger options in construction, but also in terms of furniture options.

Not only do we want to make it customizable in both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, we want you to be able to choose a right lighting and mood. Be it in terms of how the shadows look, or the direction of the sun.

Another important note to mention is that many may already have a built plan/project on a program like AutoCAD, for example, and they want to import that design to Architect VR. We are already working on making it possible. That not only saves time but makes it super easy in terms of workflow.

After everything is said and done in VR, you will have an option to export all the measurements in the desired format.

Support for other design tools is also in the plans.


More on Architect VR coming soon. Follow us to stay tuned!