Defend The Fort VR is a game we have been working on for quite some time now. Inspired by ingenuity and simplicity of a popular archery mini-game in ‘The Lab’, we have decided to create a game that has same principles, but is advanced and constructed in a way that makes it a lot more fun, prettier, and makes it possible for you to upgrade your equipment.

Online play through up-to-date leaderboard and an option for Co-op is also our mission. Competitiveness in leaderboards and comradery through Co-op is always fun so we are working to implement it in our game as soon as possible.


What to expect in Defend The Fort VR

Your mission is to defend your castle from an attacking force. With each wave, the number of attackers rises, so you’ll have to use various methods and weapons to destroy these angry cookies.
Defend The Fort VRThe weapons you can currently use are a regular longbow, a crossbow, and a big and powerful flamethrower.

  • Longbow is the main weapon as it can kill gingerbreads extremely fast, as long as you have the accuracy. You’ll have to take into consideration the speed, distance and fall off, just like with a regular bow in real life.


  • Crossbow is for moments when you have to pierce the defense of attackers. The shield will be immediately punctured and it kills the attacker immediately. The downside of said weapon is a slow and manual reload, and also the fact that it has a different falloff and speed for the regular longbow.


  • Flamethrower is used for moments when the attacking force is so huge that even a bow can’t kill them all. Although it’s perfect for mass intruders, its range is limited so you have to pick it at the right time, otherwise, the cookies would be out of your shooting range.


What is Coming

The version we have right now can be considered as a beta, or demo – primarily to show you what we are working on.

We have plans to add one more weapon to your arsenal, and that’s grenades. With that choice of weapon, you’ll have an option to do AOE damage to everyone that is within range.

We also want to create a lot more environmental traps/devices to mix it all up. Currently, only barrels are present, but if all goes well, we’ll create a dam that is destructible which in turn floods the tunnels on the left side of the map, as well as some other deadly ambushes.

Speaking of weapons, we want to make an upgrade system in the future that lets you use the points you get to further advance your weapons for more control. More about that later.

As we said in the beginning, online gameplay is very important, especially nowadays when almost everything is connected to the internet. Since you can already move around a bit in this game, the co-op will let you and your friends pick strategic points for more damage. A separate leaderboard will also be created for users that aren’t playing alone.

Of course, all of that which is mentioned above touches primarily the gamers themselves. We have to make attackers stronger also.

Apart from the increasing number, the choice of weapons for the gingerbread is also increasing, as well as the armor itself. So you can expect a lot more variety in not only how they attack, but who attacks you.

Stay tuned for more!