This old leather chair 3D Model has been worked on for quite some time.

Its special attribute is that it can be used in any game, even in VR ones. Although it looks high poly, it tried to keep the poly amount lower than 10, 000, otherwise it’s too much. The reason it looks so good is that all the wrinkles that you see on it have been handmade and sculpted.leather chair 3d modelI made the model very high poly, added all the necessary wrinkles, and then lowered it back to acceptable polycount for games.

To top it off, the textures are chosen so that it resembles real life cabinet chair the most. Since this one has a theme that makes it old and worn out, special worn out scratches can be seen. They are specifically chosen close to edges of the model to make it as realistic as possible. The whole model itself is almost an exact replica (although different color) of this one. The size has been made 1 to 1. That means it’s just like in real life in terms of size.

That is especially good if you want to see it in VR. We have an app for it called Architect VR, that lets you design your own apartment or house and add different kinds of furniture to it, this one included.

If you want to see this leather chair 3D model, buy it from here.

We are going to add a ton of new furniture and customization options in the future, so stay tuned for that.

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